ProTelesis Announces New Website Launch

September 7th, 2017 by admin

September 7, 2017, ProTelesis Corporation - ProTelesis has announced the launch of their new company website today.  The new site is part of a larger modernization and branding initiative. The company's CEO Scott Strochak describes, "Throughout the process of building and launching the new site, I realized how much of a cornerstone a website can be for a company that displays its value, identity and assets to its employees, customers and partners. It's definitively a balance of art and science to get it right."  The web design and engineering team spent countless hours refining and improving the site's user experience and content with an entirely new look and feel. "This was an incredibly fun challenge to build out our new site," says Elizabeth Donahey, Director of Marketing at ProTelesis. "It's an entirely better showcase of our dynamic products and people, from our internal teams to our awesome technology partners." The most notable of the site's new features and functionality can be summed up in this Top 10 List:
  1. Members Portal
  2. Live Chat
  3. The Grid, An ProTelesis Blog
  4. Meet the Team
  5. Careers
  6. Site Search
  7. ProTelesis Sock Club
  8. Events Registraton
  9. Product Divisions
  10. Products by Industry
As with any website, it's a process of continuous improvement and polishing. Your friends at ProTelesis hope their new site will knock your socks off!

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