Streamline your IT Management with our ProCloud Solutions

Dealing with multiple vendors can be challenging. As a remedy, we have developed a series of products that are designed, installed, managed, secured, and billed completely by ProTelesis to streamline your organization’s entire IT umbrella.

With ProTelesis, your ISP service and UCAAS platform will be on one bill and will be managed by our Pros.

Our ProCloud Series of products include:

  • ProCloud DC (Data Center) – We take your Mitel MiVoice Business or MiVoice Connect (ShoreTel) and host it on a private cloud
  • ProCloud VoIP – Unified Communications as a Service
  • ProCloud FAX – Cloud-based FAX Service
  • ProCloud SIP – Next generation SIP Trunking Services for your on-premises PBX
  • ProCloud CR (Call Recording) – Cloud-based call recording with built in voice analytics for Mitel MVB and Connect platforms
  • ProCloud ISP – Utilize AT&T’s backbone managed and billed by ProTelesis
  • ProCloud SMS – Turn your standard direct dial phone number into a textable number and manage texts through your email!

ProCloud DC (Data Center)

The ProTelesis managed data center platform is a complete infrastructure as a service (IAAS) platform designed specifically for Mitel MiVoice Business (3300) or MiVoice Connect (ShoreTel) customers who want to “cloud enable” their communications solution but want to maintain the financial investment they have already made in a premises based platform.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully Redundant Infrastructure with optional Geo-Redundancy
  • Purpose-built for Mitel and ShoreTel
  • Built by experts in both Mitel systems and server/storage infrastructure
  • 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement
  • One-stop shop for infrastructure and SIP trunks
  • Managed Services platform available

Geo Redundant Hosting Platform

ProTelesis helps your organization drive performance, security and compliance into a highly available hosting environment designed for Voice and UC solutions. The platform supports both private routed and internet access into a Private or Hybrid Cloud environment.

Secure | Scalable | Highly Available | Geo-Redundant

ProCloud SIP

The number one attraction to SIP trunks is cheaper dial tone. And cheaper long distance rates – some are bundled with unlimited LD packages!

When SIP trunks were first introduced, they had a bad rep because they had big problems with standards. Every SIP provider had significantly different codes which made the integration painful. For example, the provider might take two or three days tweaking things to have the integration working at all. Then, when it was up and running, there were still issues with dropped calls and missing ring tones. When a ring tone is missing when you are transferred to another person, you think you have been hung up on. There were a myriad of these types of issues driving the early adopters crazy. And it did not end soon. This was 10 to 12 years ago.

Today, SIP trunks have come of age as they are Enterprise ready and the “way of the future.” They are reliable, have the bugs worked out and, for the most part, the integration (setup) is easy.

Most integrations need a SIParator to translate the individual carrier’s SIP flavor to the particular phone systems. This is either provided on the carrier side or the Premise equipment side, depending on the specifics involved. The improvement of the SIParator was the key, in my opinion, to removing the myriad of issues in the finite detail of the signaling/integration challenges in the early SIP era.

A couple great SIP trunk features that are not available with PRI’s are:

  • The ability for an automatic failover from one SIP Trunk to another even if they are in different area codes! A PRI can’t do that.
  • Another big advantage is the fact that you can order a trunk group today and have it in 2 or 3 days (sometimes) instead of 30-45 days or longer with PRI Carriers.
  • Another great feature is you can scale up one trunk at a time or scale back one trunk at a time. This improves efficiency – only paying for what you need.
  • And if you set things up correctly, you can engineer in a burst-ability feature. Meaning if you have ten trunks and all of a sudden because of a promo or seasonal changes you experience a peak usage of 15, you can be charged for 15 trunks that month and then the next month, if you don’t use those, the bill reverts back to your regular 10 trunk bill.

ProCloud VoIP

ProCloud VOIP is a smart and intuitive cloud-based PBX phone system that offers flexible, feature-rich plans and pricing models. ProCloud VOIP is a modern communication and collaboration system comprised of features like auto-attendant, company directory, multiple extensions, call forwarding and handling, unlimited domestic calling, call logs and reporting capabilities, complete with a desktop and mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

While ProTelesis’ most feature-rich cloud plan is ProCloud VOIP Enterprise Plus, the company also offers ProCloud VOIP Professional Basic, Professional Plus, and Enterprise Basic, all exceptional cloud-based business phone solutions.

ProCloud VOIP Professional is a comprehensive and cost-effective cloud phone plan. Ideal for Small Business (SMB) with either a single or multiple sites. Perfect for small Contact Centers requiring basic call reporting and analytics. Flexible compatibility with wide-variety of phone models and accessories. BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) available.

ProCloud VOIP Enterprise is an advanced cloud phone plan ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) with a multi-site billing structure. Flexible seating, productivity clients and mobile options for employees on the go. Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) features, including call routing and call reporting. Robust geo-redundancy for increased reliability. Compatible with wide-variety of phone types and accessories.

Unlike traditional plans, one of the great things about the ProCloud VOIP plans is that you can custom build your plan with by selecting features for different user levels. Mix and match within the Professional or Enterprise Plans. Saves dollars and makes lots sense!

If you are considering making the move to the cloud, try our new ProCloud VOIP Cloud Phone Pricing Estimator, sign up for your free custom demo today with an ProCloud VOIP cloud phone systems expert, or simply send an email

ProCloud SMS

Today, people send a text to any phone number they see, Every missed call or text sent to a desk-phone number is a missed opportunity. So, we introduced ProCloud>SMS DID and ProCloud>SMS ECC Text Connector are all-new products among a suite of innovative Unified Communications (UC) apps and services offered exclusively by ProTelesis. ProCloud>SMS is modern communication solution specifically engineered to text-enable your organizations.

ProCloud SMS DID is a easy way to text-enable any DID (Direct Inward Dial) or toll-free number in the US and Canada. Read text messages, reply, or send new messages through email or the default texting app on a mobile device. No new equipment is required and there is no need to change phone providers.


  • Text-enable any landline or toll-free number anywhere within the US and Canada
  • Use existing texting app on mobile devices
  • Use existing phone numbers with no need to pay for more lines or mobile devices
  • Make employee text communications discoverable for compliance and monitoring


  • Everyone wants to text!!!
  • Enables customers and employees to communicate the way they prefer
  • Increases control over employees contacts, especially when they leave
  • Communicates more easily and efficiently than through traditional voicemail or email methods
  • Monitors employee and customer communications for productivity and tracking purposes
  • Avoids missed customers communications, especially those who may already be texting you
  • Optimizes the use of your business phone numbers and system

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