Inspired By Excellence and Innovation Protel and Xtelesis have joined forces in an effort to expand our reach and bring our customers a broader set of products and services.

ProTelesis offers a full suite of IT Solutions specifically designed to help our customers focus on their business while we focus on their IT. Through the joint initiatives of Protel, one of California’s leading Mitel Blue dealers and Xtelesis, one of California’s leading Mitel Orange dealers, ProTelesis has grown into one of the largest Business Phone System and Unified Communications providers throughout the U.S.

We provide technology solutions for the entire organization with start to finish IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation. Additional real-time analytic insights, automation, monitoring, and 24/7 support helps our clientele sleep better at night.

From infrastructure services such as Structured Cabling, Data Networks and Carrier Services, to end user focused services such as Unified Communications and Contact Centers, ProTelesis has you covered.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, ProTelesis has offices in Burlingame, Irvine, Sacramento, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Bangalore, India.

More Than 30 Years of Innovation

Our team brings over 700 combined man-years of experience to help you do more with less. You do you, we'll do IT.


Our Philosophy

Some may say it, but we truly are different. We love seeing our services create remarkable enhancements in the way you do business. We believe that success comes from a fun, team-oriented culture that embraces great ideas. It’s no surprise that our intense focus on customer satisfaction helps us become one of the top Mitel (ShoreTel) partners in the world. See for yourself what 1,200 other customers have already experienced – excellence.

Our Managed Services

Every hour you spend managing, supporting and monitoring your computer, storage, network and security IT infrastructure is one less hour you can devote to what really matters – managing, operating and growing your business. As a leader among IT services and Unified Communications providers, ProTelesis covers everything from end-user computer maintenance and repair to comprehensive data network monitoring and management.

Our Promise

As technology experts with high standards, we’re always searching for the next great thing. Before our products get to customers, they go through a rigorous testing cycle at ProTelesis. Many of them get used in our production environment to ensure that they'll work as designed and bring the desired efficiencies to you. Making good on that promise requires us to have the best people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a material difference in our customer’s organizations by providing them with the most innovative, cost effective and market-leading business and IT solutions. We strive to be the best technology partner you’ll ever experience. All ProTelesis employees are highly certified and, more importantly, highly motivated to ensure a great experience.

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Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

At ProTelesis, we are always in search of exceptional talent. Please send us your resume to and we’ll match your skills with any relevant employment opportunities. We keep it simple, we will have an initial phone or video interview, then one or more onsite interviews.

Career Opportunities

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Get In Touch

Want to know more about how a particular solution can help your business? Get connected. From beginning to end, communication is the key to our success. You will be communicated with every step of the way and throughout the entire process. And in the end, you’ll have the utmost confidence in your staff, and the products and/or services we have provided for you.

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