5 Ways Employees Can Improve Productivity

February 12th, 2016 by admin

In today’s working world of distractions right at our fingertips, it’s easy to let things hinder time management and productivity efforts. However, technology and other distractions don’t have to hold your employees back. Instead, you can shift these items into productivity tools that help them get more done, quickly. The key to increasing productivity is finding smart ways to get more done without working harder or longer. ... To increase productivity, consider these tips: ... Productivity Tip #1: Make Technology Upgrades Maybe it’s the time for a phone system upgrade, or maybe you’ve been wanting to give your employees all the benefits of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), or perhaps you are seeing a need to invest in more cloud-based technologies. Whatever the needs of your business may be, and after the growing pains have dissipated, you will likely experience an increase in employee productivity and worker satisfaction because of the upgraded tools. Productivity Tip #2: Create and Promote Development Opportunities Taking time to encourage your staff to embark on a new business responsibility or project can drastically improve their performance. Additionally, publicly recognizing the success or those additional responsibilities serves as motivation for other employees to do the same. ... Productivity Tip #3: Resist the Urge to Schedule More When looking for more out of your team, you may be tempted to want to add hours and schedule more events and meetings on their calendars. Resist this temptation, as it may have the opposite effect resulting in lower employee morale and high turnover rates. Productivity Tip #4: Set Clear Goals and Expectations Sit down with employees and collaborate about what the goals are for the next time frame (quarter, yearly, etc.) and let the employee decide how to best manage the workload you’ve discussed. Be sure to highlight your strategic goals of the projects so the entire team feels motivated and engaged throughout the process of seeing it through to completion. This also helps to define exactly who is taking on the responsibilities for each area of the project and prevents you from feeling as if you need to micromanage the processes. ... Productivity Tip #5: Focus on Communication Poor communication is to blame for millions upon millions of productivity issues within businesses each year. With the increase of mobile workforces and convenient tools that seem to almost communicate on our behalf, it is important to not let the digital world consume our ability to communicate with each other. Take opportunities to meet in person when it’s in the best interest of the business or project. To encourage this type of environment, hold regularly scheduled ‘regrouping’ meetings so everyone is clear on the visions and goals of the organization. ... Lastly, have realistic expectations for your business. Setting a bar too high for your team to reach will ultimately result in employee frustration, thus reverting them back into their unproductive habits. If you are confused about whether or not your team can accomplish a task, ask them genuinely if they believe it is something they can realistically take on in the time provided. More than likely, they will be honest with you with their response.

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