Best Cybersecurity and Antivirus Software – Don’t Be the Sacrificial Lamb

November 16th, 2017 by admin

Best Cybersecurity and Antivirus Software

best cybersecurity and antivirus software Cylance and ProTelesis collaborate to provide the best cybersecurity and antivirus software. Discover how.

For 30 years, technology has relied on the reactionary approach, unable to keep up with the onslaught of malware, leaving a wake of victims in the path as security companies respond often too late. Approaching this problem from a new angle with new technology and the best CyberSecurity and Antivirus Software can get your endpoints off the chopping block and into a preventive state.

"It’s not surprising then that 46% of organizations fell victim to Ransomware in the past year." - Richard Melick

Traditional antivirus solutions come with high cost and zero prevention. An effective CyberSecurity and antivirus software solution must predict and prevent both known an unknown malware to stay ahead of today’s Cybercriminals.

Join Our Cybersecurity Webinar Series

Join Richard Melick, Senior Security Technologist at Cylance and Alex Vega, Director of MSP and Hosting Services at ProTelesis as they unearth the changing attack vectors and discuss how CylancePROTECT® can help you win the battle by:

  • Identifying threats before they execute
  • Using less memory and requiring no Internet connection
  • Helping consolidate and reduce your overall cost of protection
  • Artificial Intelligence and Real Threat Prevention.
  • Prevent attacks from executing in real time.

How to Join the Webinar

This webinar will cover the key reasons why your signature-based Antivirus is failing, and what you can do to protect your endpoints. So why are you waiting?

REGISTER NOW for the best Cybersecurity and Antivirus Software for business webinar hosted by Richard Melick from Cylance and Alex Vega  from ProTelesis.


December 6th

12pm PDT

Register to ProTelesis and Cylance Protect Best Cybersecurity and antivirus Software

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