Three Reasons to Appear More Available

December 2nd, 2015 by admin


Do you ever worry about missing an important phone call or keeping up with overwhelming amounts of emails? In today’s business world, it’s imperative to be constantly available. Whether it’s reassessing your communication tools, hiring more staff to man the customer service lines or investing in video and voice tools to keep you connected, successful businesses are always working to improve productivity. With the emergence of voice and video technology for the increasingly mobile workforce, CIOs are now empowered to help their teams work remotely, extend their reach and be available where physical boundaries and technology could not go before. Business environments evolve, and acknowledging the changes within traditional business communications will help keep you available to your clients.

1. The Traditional Work Day is Dead

We’re in a fast-paced world - that’s undeniable. We leave web pages that take more than a few seconds to load and expect our packages from the other side of the world to be delivered in a day. But how does this speed and productivity change your business interactions? You’re already working 9 to 5. Adding hours with diminishing returns is not the answer- instead, use the right tools to help you work smarter than ever before. When 50% of buyers choose the vendor that responds first, timing is everything. Today’s clients will not hesitate to move on to other organizations with better flexibility within their communication systems. Instead of missing time-sensitive calls from your clients, a flexible communication system does more than help you manage your workload, it improves customer satisfaction and makes you always “appear” available.

2. Customers Expect Round-the-Clock Availability

It’s no longer a unique service to be available for your clients during non-standard business hours, it’s typically a customer expectation. As your business hours “extend,” adjusting the places and times your employees work is essential. Whether your employees are spread in different locations, their homes or even coffee shops, well-designed communication systems make it convenient and effective to work remotely. In 2014, 67% of employees worked remotely at least occasionally, which is up from 50% in 2008! Several studies on remote workers suggest unbelievable benefits that cannot be ignored; such as fewer breaks and sick days, increased employee retention and increased happiness. You can now hire the best talent, give them countless work spaces to be productive and give your clients the attention and reliability they need.

3. Accomplish More

An improved business communication system helps employees speed up decision making processes to keep projects moving forward whether team members are in the office, at home or traveling. However one of the most common in-house communication issues is managing fluctuating call volumes. Rather than hiring new staff that may end up idle during low call volume hours, use the cloud to share files in real time, use instant messaging for quick decision-making, and rely on call forwarding to reach your contact the first time. Not only are calls optimized, but your IT is easy to maintain at a single point (rather than multiple systems). Should you experience a technology failure, the IT is exponentially easier and faster to bring back to high performance. Even adding phones becomes quick and easy. If you’re not increasing your availability to your customers, you are giving your competitors the opportunity to provide better service. The stakes are high and your communication system can make or break the productivity of your business.

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