The Dawn of a New Communications Age

September 1st, 2017 by admin

Written by Scott Strochak, CTO ProTelesis

I'm getting old. I turn the big 5-0 this year. I like to think that I'm young and hip, but I'm not. And, no I don't have a beard. However, I have conscripted something from the young folks: their preferred communications method, texting. The young folks are probably already living in a post text world of Instagram and Snap Chat, but I'm staying firmly planted in the 160 character world of text messages. And I'm making sure that my company, and yours, is ready to communicate with customers with this technology. Studies say that over 90% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes. RIP email.

"We recognize that text messaging is the preferred communications method for lots and lots of people...more and more, they will want to pick up their mobile phones, type a few lines in a text message, and off they go."

Here at ProTelesis, we recognize that text messaging is the preferred communications method for lots and lots of people. Sure, your customers may still pick up the phone and call you to place an order or when they have a problem, but more and more, they will want to pick up their mobile phones, type a few lines in a text message, and off they go. We are rolling out a variety of services to help our customers with their text strategy and keep them in better touch with their customers. We're proud to introduce two XMS (ProTelesis Message Service) products: DID Text Connector and ShoreTel ECC Text Connector.

Text Enablement of Any Desk Phone Number

DID (Direct Inward Dial) Text Connector

First, and the easiest to implement is our DID (Direct Inward Dial) Text Connector product. This essentially turns any desk phone number (DID) into a text enabled number for true 'one number' reach. Try it now if you'd like:  call, fax or send a text message to my desk phone, 650-239-1420. If you are a business owner, or VP of Sales, or in any other position where you are the least bit concerned about employees using personal cell phone numbers, this service is for you. Today, people will send a text to any phone number they see. If your desk phone number isn't text enabled with our DID Text Connect service, you are missing those messages. As part of this new solution, we are offering dedicated DID numbers to companies that rely on extension-only dialing.

Text Enablement of ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Centers

ShoreTel ECC Text Connector

Our second product to be released is the ShoreTel ECC Text Connector.  If you are a ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center customer, you are already familiar with the communications modalities built into that product: voice, email and webchat. Well now you can add text messaging to that mix. WIth ProTelesis' ShoreTel ECC Text Connector, using the same agent interface and infrastructure that you have today, you can bring text messages into your contact center. Text messaging is the new paradigm. Make sure your company is ready.

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