Do you know your IT security risk score?

September 29th, 2017 by admin

IT Security Risk Assessment by ProTelesis

ProTelesis's IT Security Risk Assessment is comprehensive analysis of your IT security risk areas and is administered by the ProTelesis IT Networking and Security team. It’s a deep dive into your IT environment's risk areas and gives you timely recommendations on strengthening your company against harmful security and infrastructure threats. You will also receive your overall IT Security Risk Score to to be able to take timely actions to improve your IT security strategy and environment. We will help you identify your organization's most vulnerable security areas to ultimately thwart attacks with our adaptive defense solutions.
The key to stopping cyber attacks is to anticipate them. The key is finding adaptive security solutions that identify your weaknesses and eliminate them. The demands of the modern workplace require security solutions that are both robust and elastic. Attacks are increasingly complex, malicious and difficult to detect. We help you disrupt malevolent activity before it threatens your productivity and put your critical IT resources where they can do the most good – innovating solutions to support the growth and health of your company.

Why ProTelesis for IT Security?

  • Complete security suite with endpoint, data, email, web, server and middle protection – all in one license.
  • Full-disk, file and email encryption with content control
  • Firewall, web filtering and patch assessment
  • Application, device and data control
  • Mobile security for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones
  • Protection for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and UNIX servers
  • Simple switching and deployment
  • Integrated, flexible solutions for companies of any size
  • Everything you need to stop malware and protect data in one console and agent

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