Don’t Let Legacy Phone Systems Sink your Budget ProCloud>VoIP Elevate: Business Phone System Features Cheat Sheet

December 12th, 2019 by admin

When you are looking to move off your legacy on-premises phone system to a new Cloud Business Phone solution, the acronyms and feature names can seem foreign, especially when you live and breathe your business, not technology. We’ve defined some of the most common terms you’ll encounter. PRESENCE INDICATOR A visual indication of whether your contacts are available (usually a green dot), in a meeting or busy (usually a red dot), presenting or sharing their screen in a meeting or just don’t want to be disturbed (usually a red dot with a line through it), or away (usually a yellow or gray dot). Unified communications systems display this information next to your contacts’ names. AUTO ATTENDANT A voice menu system that allows callers to navigate through choices without human intervention to reach the extension, person or information they require. Also referred to as “digital receptionist,” “virtual receptionist,” or “automated attendant.” CALL QUEUES Similar to hunt groups, but if all users in the hunt group are on the phone, a call queue places the caller on hold (with music or a message) while it waits for a member of the group to free up. Usually, callers have the option to leave the queue to leave a message or get routed somewhere else. VOICEMAIL TRANSCRIPTION Lets you read your voicemail as text rather than listening to it. HUNT GROUPS An automated telephone service that lets callers dial one number that multiple users (or the hunt group) can answer in a sequence of your choosing. For instance, round robin or circular hunting rings each phone in a hunt group in an assigned order, e.g., one call goes to phone 1, the next one goes to phone 2, then phone 3, and so on. “Most-idle hunting” finds the line that’s been idle the longest. Many companies set up hunt groups by business department—one for marketing, one for HR, etc. Hunt groups ensure no inbound call goes unanswered and are indispensable to call centers and sales teams. CALL FLIP A feature that allows you to continue the current active call using a different device. You would “flip” the call from your desk phone to your mobile phone, for instance. CALL PARK This is a feature that lets you put a call on hold at one location and pick it up from another location. The call is “parked” onto a certain extension and can be picked up from any phone by dialing the parked extension. If no one picks up the call within a defined time period, the phone system may ring back the parked call to the person who parked it. Call park is useful in companies with many offices or where employees are distributed on many floors.

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