How Tenfold Customer Service Analytics Helped Wayfair

March 13th, 2018 by admin

How Tenfold Customer Service Analytics Helped Wayfair

Tenfold ProTelesis LogoWhat are the best ways to improve the customer service experience? Within six months of adopting Tenfold, Wayfair's productivity lift was equivalent to gaining 38 additional employees.  

Identifying Wayfair's Challenges

Wayfair’s biggest challenge was simple; they didn’t have reliable customer data that was easy to manage. While they already had vast amounts of information, it was buried deep inside their phone system, which would have required a “team of forensic data scientists” to extract. With tens of thousands of B2B accounts, and an untold number of individual customers, Wayfair had a pressing need to be able to sort through this data to better serve their current and future client base. Unfortunately, Wayfair didn’t have any systems in place that would allow them to understand what needed to be done to better connect with their customers, or how to set up their sales force to maximize conversion rates.  

Customer Journey

Once Wayfair began searching for a solution that would allow their phone system to talk with their CRM, it became clear that Tenfold was the answer.
“What was important to us when making our selection was we wanted something that would work with our existing phone system. We didn’t want to have a bunch of additional IT investment in order to make a solution work. Secondly, we wanted the solution that was going to allow us to capture the most amount of data in the least friction way possible, and that’s the reason we chose Tenfold.”
By leveraging their existing phone provider and CRM, Wayfair didn’t have to change anything about the systems they already had in place, they simply had to implement Tenfold to act as a bridge between the two. Sources Cited: Tenfold. Feature photo courtesy of Wayfair.

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