How to Customize ShoreTel Connect CLOUD for Your Small Business

May 3rd, 2016 by admin

shoretel cloud for business Changing phone systems is a big decision for small businesses, so you want to be sure you are making the right decision. Offering full features and a host of collaboration options, ShoreTel Connect CLOUD was built to make doing business easier and at an affordable cost. But what makes the ShoreTel solution a better fit than the endless other options available in the market today? When evaluating that question, consider these small business customization options that ShoreTel Connect CLOUD offers:   Virtual / Hosted PBX The Virtual PBX service works to consolidate multiple phone systems being used at other office locations into one comprehensive system. There’s no bulky hardware, as the solution takes less space and consolidates the phone bills from multiple vendors. The solution also allows you to re-direct phone calls from busier locations over to the lower traffic sites. To create convenience, the virtual PBX is also accessible from anywhere. The hosted service offers a more enhanced version than the virtual PBX, as the hardware is run off-premises. The only required equipment in the office is the router. With the ShoreTel solution, you can control everything through the web-based portal.   Hosted Call Center The Hosted Call Center is a powerful call management tool allowing you to ensure great customer service without utilizing your own resources in order to do so. Because the system is connected to the ShoreTel cloud solution, users can log in and access a call queue during busy times, providing enhanced efficiency when in standby.   Computer and Phone Integration With this collaboration option, you are able to use other tools and features that help to increase employee productivity while they are also making or taking calls. Additionally, the system can support up to 1,000 users, so as the business grows and changes, the system can be adjusted to the new communication needs.   Cloud and Onsite Options One of the unique and convenient features of ShoreTel Connect is the ability to choose between an onsite or cloud-based phone system. The CLOUD Call Conductor provides the ability for the user to access the system from anywhere, which helps encourage productivity and improved communication both within the business and with customers. Additionally, managers can monitor the calls being made as well as the telephone numbers being dialed.   Full Conferencing Tools It’s simple to set up conference calls with a moderator, as well as muting and hand-raising abilities. The tool provides easy conferencing invite options as well.   Instant Messaging Collaboration is easy with instant messaging services that allow you to set up direct chats with other employees. This saves employees time and effort by gaining instant access to information they need to move on to the next project – even when they are on the phone. Additionally, the chat system provides file-sharing options for quick collaboration and review. Taking things one step further, ShoreTel Connect offers the ability to conduct a video chat.   Basic Features and Functionality Although the system offers enhanced features that each small business can cater to their specific business, the ShoreTel solution also provides the basic services that you would expect from a small business phone system. Caller ID, blocking, and transferring options are just some of the features included. Phone alerts provide detail regarding missed calls and messages as well as customized voicemail that provides access to the mailbox from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet.    

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