Migrate Over to a Private Cloud Phone System With Protelesis

September 23rd, 2020 by admin

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Many companies are looking to make the switch from on-premise phone systems to the cloud, and it's not hard to see why. The costs of housing, managing, and maintaining on-premise equipment can be a huge drain on many budgets. Unfortunately, not all public cloud options offer the quality many businesses are looking for at a cheaper price. Luckily ProTelesis has the solution they're looking for with our private cloud phone system

We offer the best quality and reliability for cloud phone systems with private cloud implementation. It doesn't matter what on-premise system you are using, we can migrate your system over. Anything from Connect to most phone systems can be brought over into our geo-redundant ProCloud Data Center. Giving you a private cloud phone system all at a lower cost than most on-premise options.

Watch our informative video to learn how we can virtualize all appliances, host the entire system in our data center, and eliminate on-premise server and appliances for your business.

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