The Secret to Gamification for Contact Centers

September 3rd, 2017 by admin


Having the right data means everything to organizations that depend on phone communication with their customers. Mornington Peninsula Shire is one such organization. Mornington Peninsula Shire is a large local government operation situated about 70 kilometers southeast of Melbourne. They have an annual turnover of $200 million and handle more than 230,000 phone calls annually from more than 155,000 customers.
They need to consolidate their disparate phone system and implement a reporting system above what phone manufacturers typically offer to measure their customer experience. They had recently invested in a tool called Brightmetrics as a way of consolidating and reviewing their call center data. Their recent implementation and their use of the call center data proved to be a winning example of how leveraging all the data that lives in your business phone system through a data analytics service like Brightmetrics positively transforms business processes and team performance.
One of the most surprising benefits the Mornington Peninsula Shire  group found was their employees’ informal use of gamification— the concept of gamifying employee performance through the transparency and visualization of data. Some organizations put an official gamification plan in place, complete with incentives, badges, quotas and an official strategy.
The Mornington Peninsula Shire staff grew this dynamic organically, and found a more casual way to gamify their performance with the use of self-management, good-natured teasing and team encouragement as a way to improve the customer experience. Regardless of whether you are thinking of implementing a formal gamification program or want to informally encourage better metrics from your team, the key in both scenarios is having the right data available to all of the key stakeholders to enable the process.

What is Gamification?

ACCORDING TO MATT BEATTY, THE BRIGHTMETRICS EVP OF CUSTOMER SUCCESS, "A healthy organization will approach the trend of Gamification with the core underlying benefit in mind: unifying their team in perspective and sense of both team accomplishments towards highly visible goals, and an appreciation of individual contributions towards those accomplishments. By providing that common perspective in real time (instead of at the next periodic review) the organization can build that sense of teamwork throughout the workday and maximize progress towards tactical and strategic priorities." The important thing is to leverage data in a way that incentivizes employees to provide the customer experience your organization desires. Even with just an informal strategy, Mornington Peninsula Shire experienced benefits of:
  • Healthy competition between employees to improve results
  • A better sense of community from everyone working towards the same goals
  • Improved business communication between all levels
Realize the benefits of Gamification in your call center. Register to attend our Secret to Gamifying Employee Performance on how to use specific pieces of call center data to incentivize your staff. Dramatically increase the performance of your staff using the call center data that comes from your ShoreTel phone system.

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