Technology (With a Little Help From Star Trek)

September 13th, 2016 by admin

ProTelesis-blog-stars.png If you manage a network, or any part of your company’s technology, chances are you wish you could pull some solutions out of the utopia that is Star Fleet.  When a call comes into the help desk, you wish you could ask the ships computer to run a full diagnostic then wait for the results.  After all the story you get of what really happened is just about as trustworthy as Ferengi certificate of authenticity.  That same user on the other end likely had the patience of an offended Klingon and there is no telling how many times they beat the return key into submission. star_trek_1.jpgYou have a big job.  Most people in your organization likely are dependent on a power tool (computer device).  Your job is to keep those tools running and on the other end they are getting error messages like a ship full of breeding tribbles.  Cute and fuzzy only lasts for so long.   Blue screens are as welcome as the Borg. Sure, every seasoned IT professional has channeled their inner Mr. Scot and explained that every fix requires 6-8 times the resources to get the job done.  You are always givin’ it all you got, right?  All bosses are not James T. Kirk and find it lovable and endearing to plead that his request just can’t be done.  In most cases, that dramatic…… pause isn’t for effect, it is because your boss is steaming mad inside.  He may not wait to be saved at the last minute, when he can say “thank you Mr. Scot, as always you came through when needed.” start_trek_2.jpgIf you are smart, you keep a life line to a team of red shirts who can work in the background.  ProTelesis is that lifeline for many IT professionals.  Where do you turn when you need the knowledge base of Mr. Data on IT subjects you just haven’t consider, or that expendable crewman #5 for your away team?  You know the one that isn’t a recurring character (paid per episode), but is conveniently there when you need someone.   Keep an ProTelesis time block contract handy.  Pre-paid hours of help that never expires, and is good for any service we offer.  Don’t stress over new tech.  Service contracts like being able to say “beam me over some help.”  Channel your inner Picard and be able to turn to ProTelesis and say “make it so!”  That team of engineers in the background is there 24/7/365, and you can reach out for help. Computers reason like a Vulcan.  They don’t auto-correct for poor instructions, they try to do exactly what you told it to do.  Deploy new technology at Warp Speed when you can call on experience you just don’t have time to manage.  We can contract to monitor your network, manager your telephony, wireless, security or keep track of the life on your Dialithium crystals. It takes a full crew to keep a Star Ship going boldly where no one has gone before.  There are cost effective ways to expand your team with ProTelesis managed services and pre-paid time block contracts.  I believe Mr. Spock said “Change is the essential process of all existence.”   USS ProTelesis.   
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