Top 4 Most Common IT Issues & How to Solve Them

June 1st, 2016 by admin

Managed IT services to avoid technology challenges Every organization wants better efficiency, but there is no "one size fits all." The strategy and solutions that succeed in bringing your organization to its goals is probably different from the strategy that works for your competitors. Whether you need to optimize your reliability, maximize security or bring more flexibility to your employees, IT plays a key role. Your strategy is derailed if you keep facing avoidable technology challenges. Still, many organization faces similar hurdles that keep peak efficiency out of reach. It is brutally challenging to have a successful organization without effective IT that enriches your infrastructure and employees' capabilities. Fix and avoid these common IT problems to cultivate great efficiency and effectiveness throughout your organization.   SOME COMMON IT ISSUES INCLUDE:   1. System Outages Many organizations fail to anticipate a system outage. It's natural to ignore the idea that a significant outage will happen to your team, but when it does strike, the damage will be very visible. Causes of system outages can include many culprits such as natural disasters, human error and hardware failure. The real eye-catcher is the fact that lack of preparedness for an outage could cost your organization over $1,000,000 if your organization is down without a plan. (Tweet this!) The high fiscal cost is just a piece; imagine what it could do to your organization's reputation or sensitive client relationships. System outages spiral into numerous other problems, making system outages an often underrated crisis. 2. Data Loss Imagine a system outage leaving you bankrupt. The link between system outages and bankruptcy is excessive data loss. The good news is that you have options for your disaster recovery plan should you experience a data management disaster. Again, you might lose data from storms, hacking or infrastructure failure, but storing your data safely is crucial to a reliable organization. 3. Mobility Mobility, collaboration and unified communication tools are talked about everywhere, but you might be surprised by the number of organizations that still think of mobility functions as unnecessary features and/or have not tested out any mobility tools. Soon enough these organizations will not be able to ignore the fact that their employees are unable to access data and communication tools without being physically present. Functions such as a desktop sharing or instant messaging are just a couple simple, yet game-changing, unified communication features worth exploring. 4. Refusing Professional IT Services Let's face it, not every organization is equipped to manage their own IT due to lack of staff or CapEx. Many smaller organizations try functioning with the bare minimum of IT, but a simple firewall is not a sufficient long-term solution. No matter an organization's size, there are several risk factors that can be easily overlooked if you don't know the right warning signs. An IT environment needs to perform optimally today and in the future. Professional managed services can get you moving in the right direction by bringing help in areas such as baseline audits, regular vulnerability reporting and outsourced help desks.   Once you've found the right infrastructure and IT team, the efficiency of your investments depends on your ability to keep them in optimal shape. That's where ProTelesis can help bring you to the business efficiency you need. As a full-service IT provider, we work with hundreds of organizations which all have their own unique needs. Whether you need better cost-efficiency, analytical insights or better care for your customers, ProTelesis can help make a material difference in your organization.     

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