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Check out our top SIP trunking FAQ’s What is a SIP Trunk and what does SIP stand for? Session Initiation Protocol (SIPtrunkingis a service offered by a communications service provider that uses the protocol to provision voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity between an on-premises phone system and the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is becoming the common signaling standard for your real-time communications that utilize VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). SIP enables you to seamlessly connect with your existing premise-based phone systems using our carrier class voice network.

Who makes the SBC (Session Border Controller)?

There are a number of manufacturers that we use. We’ll help find the one that works best with your system. For Mitel (ShoreTel), we recommend the Ingate SIParator line of products.

I have one site that is out of contract on their PRI, but the rest of my sites are in contract for another year. Can I move that site now, or do I have to move everything at once?

We can move a single site onto SIP now, and leave your other sites as they are until your contracts are at term or you are ready to move them.

Where can I get phone numbers? Do they have to be local to my site?

We can provide phone numbers almost anywhere in the United States, and they do not have to be local to your physical location.

Can I bring my current phone numbers with me?

Yes. You can “port” your current phone numbers over to our SIP trunks.

Are there charges involved with reserving blocks of numbers in the SIP world?

Yes, you will be charged for any phone number on your trunks, whether it’s in use or not.

If my internet goes down, do I lose my ability to make phone calls?

If you have a single internet connection, yes. We offer a robust set of failover and backup options to help prevent these outages.

Are there options for private connections, if we don’t want our traffic going over the open internet?

Yes, we have private line, MPLS and SD-WAN options available.

Do SIP connections honor any QOS on the open internet?

Once a call is on the open internet, we cannot guarantee QOS. With a private line or MPLS option added on, you’ll have QOS across that circuit.

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