What Does Traffic Have To Do With Business Technology?

September 14th, 2016 by admin

ProTelesis-blog-traffic.png Did you know that the average commuter spends 34 hours a year stuck in traffic? Now, if you live in the Bay Area today, you may want to multiply that number by 12. Growing up in the Bay Area I used to think traffic in LA was horrible, but I have to say we have caught up.   Now you’re probably thinking what does this have to do with technology, right? Well today I am getting asked daily, “Why are your customers moving to a ShoreTel Cloud phone system?” It is simple: PRODUCTIVITY. More and more companies have decided to downsize offices and give their employees the freedom of working remotely. Not only are their employees a lot happier and more productive, but now they can acquire the best talent by giving back time, and we all know that time is one of the most important gifts we are given.   But how do you give back your employees time and still stay productive? Unified Communications! What many people miss is the ShoreTel Cloud Solution is so much more than a phone. The ShoreTel Cloud solution is a single unified communications platform that allows your employees to communicate more efficiently from anywhere by leveraging Instant Messaging, Peer-to-Peer video chat, Event Scheduling, Desktop Sharing and hundreds of other features.   If you are interested in simplifying the way your business deploys, manages and maintains unified communications, then it is a good time to have a discussion with us!
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