What Your ShoreTel Phone System Isn't Telling You

September 15th, 2016 by admin

Throughout my long career selling and supporting ShoreTel phone and UC solutions, I have been surprised how few customers have asked about the reporting capabilities. After all, for most businesses, the phone system is the most frequently used tool they use to attract and retain business.

Maybe it’s an awareness issue. Maybe the information is considered too difficult to quantify. While ShoreTel(the manufacturer) is FAR from the envy of the industry when it comes to call reporting, one company we work with is the industry expert: Brightmetrics.

Our customers use the reporting and data analytics already captured in the ShoreTel server to gain useful insights into their businesses:

  • Understand your customer experience when they call your company
  • Manage Employee Productivity
  • Enable access to information that is otherwise hidden in your phone system

At an incredibly reasonable cost, there’s a lot of gold to be mined out of the bowels of your ShoreTel phone system and there’s good reason to discover what your ShoreTel system isn’t telling you.

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