XteleSIP: A Real-World Cost Analysis

September 13th, 2016 by admin

ProTelesis-blog-cost.png I have recently been working with a company here in Utah.  The company is a billing service provider to utility companies.  They have approximately 1,100 employees with a 35 agent call center.  The company spends about $25,500 per month with Century Link for 2 local PRI and 4 long distance PRI circuits along with the associated in-bound (toll free) and out-bound long distance per-minute costs. The company’s carrier services with Century Link are coming up for renewal and they have already received new pricing quotes from Century Link that will bring their monthly spend down to around $18,200 if they re-contract (this is a fairly aggressive estimate). I suggested pricing out the same number of voice paths using ProTelesis’ unlimited usage (domestic local and long distance calling) XteleSIP SIP trunks.  I found that I could reduce their monthly spend to $6,428!  By moving to SIP trunks, the company would need to increase their internet bandwidth since those services would now come in over their data/internet circuit.  Building in a generous estimate of an additional $1,500/month spend for the increased bandwidth, the company would still see a 55% reduction in their monthly carrier spend over their newly proposed pricing from Century Link! More importantly, the monthly cost savings has opened the door for the company to address two goals: replace their existing aging phone system (the savings will more than cover the monthly lease investment for a new ShoreTel Unified Communications system) and allow them to justify the build cost for bringing a fiber connection into their facility for a substantially more reliable internet connection for their business as a whole. Furthermore, the XteleSIP SIP trunking solution brings the added benefit of Business Continuity to their company as every single phone number associated with the service can have a built-in back-up number to where callers can be sent in the event that their internet service provider, or the underlying data circuits that support the service, were to suffer a disruption……something that they do not get with their Century Link PRI services today!

XteleSIP services from ProTelesis are well worth evaluating when your company’s existing carrier contracts are coming due for renewal!

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