Co-Managed IT

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ProTelesis Co-Managed IT enables you to combine your existing in-house IT team with a ProTelesis team of professionals, creating a single comprehensive, effective IT operation that delivers real results.

If your IT team is spending too much time changing passwords and fighting fires than they do innovating and driving business objectives, then a co-managed service is the ideal solution for you.

ProTelesis co-managed IT service provides you with the additional support of a fully-staffed IT department that leverages the broad range of experience, skills and services across the ProTelesis technical team.

This cost-effective service allows you to pick and choose the level of service, support and assistance you require, to help you be at your best, always.

Why Choose Co-Managed IT?

  • Whether you're looking for experience and expertise that isn't available to your business in-house or require more technical support without having to expand your workforce, co-managed IT from ProTelesis is the perfect solution for you.

  • ProTelesis will work as an extension to your existing IT team, working to improve the stability and resiliency of your network while also helping you plan and align your IT with your wider business objectives.

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