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In the fast-paced world of sports or entertainment, fast and clear communication is a necessity. Every second counts, making it vital to be able to quickly reach anyone from wherever they may be, and relay information clearly.

ProTelesis's Unified Communications solution provides a comprehensive set of tools to stay in touch from anywhere, flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of small teams, large stadiums and leagues, and everything in-between.

Keep the Team Together, the Customers Happy, and the Fans Entertained with ProTelesis's UC Solutions

ProTelesis’s combination of availability, ease of use, flexibility, and rich offering of features has made it the right choice for sports teams and entertainment. Often times, sports teams have difficulty reaching across stadiums and off-site facilities, which can be troublesome for a team on the go and all the staff that they rely on. ProTelesis can provide an easy to use UC desktop application interface, providing call management, enhanced reporting, email and voicemail integration, and an integrated directory, providing key communication features and tools from anywhere.


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