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How do I Contact Support/Submit a Ticket?

Did you know, that if you send a request to support@ProTelesis.com, a ticket will be automatically generated and routed to our support queue with the appropriate priority. It also provides assurances that your request will be handled in a timely manner.

What will you need from me?

  • Detailed Description of the Issue
  • Symptoms
  • Frequency
  • Reproducible?
  • Setup if reproducible
  • Logs, GUIDs of calls with the issue if applicable
  • User(s) Names/ext. affected

Why should I call?

  • System/Site Down
  • Essential Feature Inoperable
  • Questions
  • Any other issues

How is a support ticket escalated?

  • Routine Process
  • Administrative
Christoph Pluchar
  • Christoph Pluchar
  • Vice-President of Advanced Applications
  • Phone: 650.239.1460
Marty Paris
  • Marty Paris
  • Vice-President of Customer Experience
  • Phone: 650.239.1416

Fill out the contact form below or send an email to support@ProTelesis.com if your questions are not listed in the FAQ above.

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