Nonprofit Organization IT Solutions

Nonprofit and social services organizations, driven by a purpose to serve the common good, have unique needs related to fundraising and special challenges when it comes to managing expenses.

Increasingly, the nonprofit sector is turning to cloud based telephone solutions that allow them to leverage their resources to generate contributions, while at the same time meeting their commitment to spend as much as possible on the core mission and as little as possible on operating expenses.


Maximize Donations Our Cloud Solutions helps nonprofits identify which marketing campaigns are most successful in generating both interest and donation commitments.

Control CostOur hosted solution offers a low initial capital investment with the flexibility to expand or contract your team quickly as required to meet mission objectives or fundraising goals.

Be PreparedIn the event of an emergency, easily re-route calls to another office, remote location or cell phones. Get voice mail alerts and transcriptions so you can return calls quickly.

Improve Services Do you know how often a potential donor calls you, but it unable to reach a "real" person? With the our Live Answer Service Metric and SMS solutions you can tell exactly how many calls reach a person and you don’t miss a conversation.

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