ProTelePresence enabling HD multipoint video conferencing and video collaboration.

Now there’s a better way to meet using everyday devices and IP networks, with the power of video collaboration at your fingertips. ProTelesis offers a flexible, software-based infrastructure that gives people the freedom to connect over the Internet from wherever they are, and enjoy telepresence quality meetings using mobile, desktop or room endpoints, or traditional systems they may already own. It’s easy to manage and easy to use, which means better interactions and smoother workflow across your organization. All this at just 10% of the operating cost of old-school solutions.

ProTelePresence is a subscription service, provided by ProTelesis, and is powered by Vidyo Corporation’s Video Conference Protocol. This document provides information regarding the structure of our subscription services and pricing.

What is telepresence?

ProTelepresence lets you bring people together in a real-time video conference, whether they’re across town or around the world. ProTelePresence provides you with a cost-effective and more engaging visual connection with your partners, suppliers, customers and employees.

The power of video collaboration at your fingertips

  • Increase the impact of your business communication
  • Universal Access: Compatibility with computers, mobile devices, and room systems
  • Improve performance and reduce costs of your entire workforce
  • Accelerate decision making between multiple partners

The power of ProTelePresence

  • HD Video Conferencing at a low monthly rate
  • No equipment on premises required
  • Recording archiving on demand
  • Custom domains available
  • Special Room-Bundles available

How It Works

Every Customer is considered a Named User and have access to the ProTelePresence service which will provide Named Users access to high definition video conferencing on any device (laptop, iPad, mobile device, etc) anywhere you have internet connectivity. The fees for this service will vary depending on the type of service and support requested. The contracts will be on a month to month basis with the first month being billed for the entire month. Each user has their own personal account and meeting room with unlimited usage with a site directory for easy look up and calling. In addition, a named user can have up to 25 participants in their room. Named users will also have the ability to connect to other H.323 and SIP video conferencing systems, record, archive and stream live their sessions, and lock their room for privacy.

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