How to Text Enable Your Contact Center Phone System

September 8th, 2017 by admin

ProTelesis XMS ECC Text Connector Product BriefDo you know how to text enable your contact center phone system? People love to text. You love your ECC (Enterprise Contact Center) from ShoreTel. Until now, you couldn’t combine the two. Now, with the XMS ECC Text Connector from ProTelesis, you can. With the XMS ECC Text Connector, you can now add text messaging to your voice, email and webchat queues, all using the same interfaces and reporting tools that you use today. Introducing XMS, ProTelesis Messaging Services, a suite of new innovative apps and services designed by ProTelesis specifically engineered to text-enable your organization. XMS ECC Text Connector is an all-new messaging solution that text-enables landline numbers. You’re welcome. XMS ECC Text Connector is an easy way to text-enable any ShoreTel ECC.  Using an existing phone number (or a new one) bring text messages right into your agent queues. Customers’ messages hit the ShoreTel ECC and are queued to an agent who responds via web chat. No new equipment is required and there is no need to change phone providers. Easily manage and retrieve employee and customer text communications with the XMS reporting engine.

What are the Key Features of XMS ECC Text Connector?

  • Text-enable any ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center phone number
  • Use existing texting app on mobile devices
  • Use existing phone numbers with no need to pay for more lines or mobile devices
  • Make employee text communications discoverable for compliance and monitoring

What are the Key Benefit of XMS ECC Text Connector?

  • Everyone wants to text!!!
  • Enables customers and employees to communicate the way they prefer
  • Communicates more easily and efficiently than through traditional voicemail or email methods
  • Monitors employee and customer communications for productivity and tracking purposes
  • Avoids missed customer communications, especially those who may already be texting you
  • Optimizes the use of your business phone numbers and system

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