Top 10 FAQ’s for ShoreTel (14.2 or prior) Upgrade to Mitel Connect

September 26th, 2019 by admin

Upgrading ShoreTel to Mitel Connect is easy. Here are some of our Customer’s Frequently Asked Questions:

1)      What is Mitel MiVoice Connect

MiVoice Connect (or just “Connect”), is the latest release of the ShoreTel  on-premises IP-PBX platform. It is essentially, for lack of easier terms, just the follow-up release to what was ShoreTel 14.2. Mitel has announced the end of life of the ShoreTel 14.2 software and all previous releases. 14.2 and earlier release of the platform will be supported until September 30, 2020 but will not be seeing any further feature releases.

2)      How different is using Mitel Connect compared with ShoreTel 14.2?

The Connect platform is just an updated release of 14.2. Many of the changes are under the covers and not seen by end users, but all of the user interfaces also get a refresh.  There is a new Desktop Client (Connect Client), a new Management interface (Connect Director), a new Contact Center Agent interface and a new Mobile interface (Connect for Mobile).

3)      What enhancements are included for free with migration to Connect?

With a Connect migration from 14.2, there is a free license upgrade to the Essentials Bundle. All of your standard Extension and Mailbox licenses will be upgraded to this new license bundle which includes: Connect for Mobile, Connect for Skype Business, Connect Softphone, Connect for Chrome, and more.

4)      What are the System Requirements for the upgrade to Connect?

While there are not many “requirements” for upgrading to Connect, there are some infrastructure prerequisites that should be noted. If your system doesn’t meet these minimum requirements, a further “project” may be necessary to bring your system into compliance:

  • All servers must be Windows server 2012R2 or later
  • Must have 8GB of RAM, minimum
  • Must be on ShoreTel version 13.x or 14.x (additional charges may apply to upgrade from earlier versions)
  • If you are using Enterprise Contact Center, you will to be on version 8.x or 9.x in order to upgrade to Connect Contact Center
  • Mobility needs to be on 8.x
  • 64bit Windows is required
  • VMware ESXi 5.5 or 6 is needed for utilizing any of the virtual switches and appliances.

5)      Will we be able to use the same desktop handsets? All 200 and 500 series ShoreTel handsets, other than the IP210 continue to be supported on Connect. Also keep in mind that with Connect, the EdgeGateway will replace the VPN Concentrator and the phones from the VPN concentrator will not work with the EdgeGateway. The 400 series phones are the only option for use with the EdgeGateway.

6)      How long will the upgrade take to implement and are there any concerns about upgrading to Connect?

The planning process for the upgrade will take 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the system and it will take one night to execute the actual upgrade. We suggest that you schedule the upgrade well in advance so that everyone is prepared and trained for the upgraded system.

7)      Is Mitel Connect the best business phone system on the market?

That question is certainly subjective, but the Connect platform remains one of the best-selling on-premises IP PBX’s on the market. We like the feature-rich applications and user interface so much that we use it in-house!

8)      Who wouldn’t want to upgrade from ShoreTel to Mitel Connect?

If you are happy with your system as it functions today, aren’t afraid of not being able to support it and don’t care about new features, you are more than welcome to stay on 14.2 or prior.

9)      Is the upgrade from ShoreTel to Mitel Connect Free?!

For ProTelesis customers who are on an Annual Support Contract the upgrade to the latest Mitel Connect software is included—if you schedule your upgrade before September 30th,  2020.  Customers who are not on the Support plan will receive a quote for the upgrade.

10)  What are the licensing bundles for Mitel Connect?

All ShoreTel models have been bundled into the Connect licensing based on 5 bundled licenses:

  • Courtesy (extension only)
  • Telephony (Courtesy + Voicemail license)
  • Essentials (Telephony + mobility client, desktop client, Chrome plugin, Skype for Business Plugin)
  • Standard (Essentials + CRM license, Remote Phone License)
  • Advanced (Standard + Operator license, Workgroup license)

Bonus Question!

11)    Are MACs supported on Connect?

Yes, there is a brand-new native MAC client in Connect with the same feature set as the PC version.


We are proud to be a Mitel Platinum Partner. Join the millions of other users who are loving the new Gold Standard of business phone systems—Mitel Connect. Do you want to learn more? Join our next webinar:

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